Friday, August 25, 2006

Buy Cheap Textbooks

          Unless you are getting textbooks for free, you might have noticed that you college bookstore sells their textbooks at the highest price possible. I think that's how they earn funds for college projects. So therefore, if you are into helping your college financially, please keep buying your textbooks from them.
Otherwise, try to do some research on the internet about the online book sellers. You will find the same textbook your college bookstore sells for 100 bucks at half or lesser price. Yeah that's crazy; I was completely shocked when I done the research about textbooks out of desperation. Since then, my motto has been "Never Buy Textbooks from College Bookstore." I used to think that the books would be cheaper in my college since they can books in bulk and sell to us the students. But, as I learned, that's not the case.
          You can start with eBay. EBay is a website where people sell and buy; buyers bid on items and the buyer who bids the highest price will be able to purchase them. Almost everytime, you end up buying items at the cheaper price than their market price. You can bid on both new and old books.
 is another auction website that is very similar to eBay. The only difference is that eBay is more popular and thus have more users, which means more variety and number of items. Other popular source to buy cheap textbooks is to visit Barnes and Nobles website offer books at quite a good price too.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't Sign Any Commitment

          I have many experiences with various Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the main thing I have learned from that is Never Sign Any Commitment unless you are getting a really good deal and there is no doubt about having to pay hidden charges, etc.
          America Online (AOL) used to be the largest ISP in the United States, but things have changed since then. AOL charges around $24/month, which is twice as much as other ISP charges. For instance, United Online (that is, NetZero and Juno) charges less than half of that price. $9.95/month. And if you sign up a commitment, they will give you a discount. Right now, they charge $6.95/month if you go for a full-year committment. This huge difference in price between the AOL and United Online has led the latter achieve more success in the recent years. Now, some people might wonder what's the differece between Juno and Netzero since both of them are run by United Online. Nothing. Just the name. Price is same. They do a lot of commercials for NetZero, and the commercials for the Juno is yet to be seen by me. NetZero do have a referral service; if you refer a friend to join NetZero, they will pay you $30.
          Heard PeoplePc anywhere? PeoplePc is trying to get into a real competition by reducing its monthly charges from $10.95 to $9.95. Currently they are running ads on the net where they charge you $4.97/month for the first three months. They don't ask for any commitments either. So after those three months, you pay the normal rate of $9.95/month.


Welcome to Fart Detectives
          We are Fart Detectives. We consider spending money without doing any research as farting. Just like you shouldn't fart anywhere you want, you shouldn't spend anywhere you desire without proper knowledge of the cost. We at the Fart Detectives assume the responsibility of saving America money by diverting them toward the venue where they can save a bunch of money. We would be far more than just happy even if we are able to save people only a penny or two. Because we believe that drops can eventually makes an ocean.
          There are three ways you can increase the amount of money in your bank account: 1)Lottery/Prizes: you can win lotteries and prizes. 2)Your Job: you can either get a better paying job, get promotions or work more hours. 3)Spend Less: You can spend less and therefore have more money in your bank.
          The first option of Lottery/Prizes is rare and we strictly suggest not to expect any income from it. The second option is a good one; however, the third option of Spend Less is better and the best. You can earn more money by achieving this second option, but it doesn't guarantees having more money in your bank account. If you keep spending, then even if you earn more you might end up having less cash.
          Now here is the most important part we want to emphasize upon.
          Spending Less means purchasing fewer items right? Wrong! Spending Less doesn't necessarily mean you are purchaing less or fewer stuff. That is, Spending Less =/= Purchasing Less. Most people get this wrong. What spending less means is that you spend less money on any item that you want to buy. With the advent of internet, there is literaly nothing that you cannot buy online. All the offline shops are now online, which means more competition among the sellers, which means we can purchase stuff cheaper if you try it.

          The following data is taken from U.S. National Debt Clock

The Outstanding Public Debt as of now is

          The estimated population of the United States is 299,354,354 so each citizen's share of this debt is $28,423.10.

          The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.76 billion per day since September 30, 2005!